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  • Something more than a simple fish tank.
  • We've been aquarium enthusiasts for many years, from a goldfish bowl on the kitchen counter to a room-sized 1,000 gallon system filled with plants and tropical fish.
  • But these extremes were either too basic and limited, or too complicated and involved. We need something else - something interesting, elegant, simple and complex at the same time.
  • The answer was aqauponics, a finely tuned symbiotic system scaled to be accessible to anyone.
  • We spent more than a year developing our concept and building and testing prototypes before we finally arrived at the designs we decided to produce. We set up a small factory here in central Ohio, sourced our components as locally as we could (does anyone make a pump in the US? not that we can find), and began production.
  • Our systems are entirely hand made, packaged, and shipped by our team before arriving on your doorstep. We're confident you'll be as happy when you open the box as we were when our idea became reality.