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Pump Installation & Cleaning


The cutaway diagrams below show the correct installation setup for the pump, uptube, and elbow:


Cutaway Pump Installation Diagrams

The pump (shown in black) is installed onto the base of the grow tower, with the suction cups down.  The alignment for the pump is a bit different in each system, as shown.


The uptube (shown in green) is installed in the small output tube on the top of the pump.


The elbow (shown in red) is installed onto the uptube after the grow bed is installed.




Slow water flow or no output from the pump may be an indication that your pump and filter needs to be cleaned:

-Remove the pump from the system

-Disassemble the foam filter housing and pump body

-Pull out the filter foam and clean it with fresh water only

-Disassemble the pump and pull out the impeller (small pliers or tweezers will help)

-Clean the impeller and pump body with fresh water only

-Reassemble and reinstall